ARE You Sure of Your Salvation or Are You Being Deceived Into Being Just Another Religious Person?

Many professing Christians do not like the idea of being asked “Are you sure?” With an attitude their response might be, “Yes, I’m sure. I go to church; I help the church; I do my good deeds. But nobody’s perfect.” Let’s review a little of what God says which points to a person being able to be sure of his or her salvation. What are some of the signs?

Galatians 5:19-26, read it--- (If you do not have a bible or have one but do not want to know what it says, maybe, just maybe you already have your answer to the above titled question.) Do you see it? In verses 19-21 you see the lifestyle of church folk (Professing Christians) who really are not born again. Note the word “lifestyle”, that is your daily routine way of living, your unrepentant attitude towards doing these ways of living. But the authentic Christian, though once enslaved in these patterns/ways of living is growing in a character which exemplifies God through the “Fruit of the Holy Spirit” Who indwells every born again person. See vs. 22-23. You can be sure of your salvation when you see these attitudes of behavior manifesting in your character more and more (that is progressively) and the attributes of behavior in vs. 19-21 having an ever declining influence in your way of living.

You check you out! Be real and truthful to yourself. Are you a church goer (sometime, all the time) who is religious – even involved in some auxiliary or other activity of the church, or even holding some position of leadership… but the way you think and live does not show signs that you are truly saved? If so, what do you do?

Confess it before God in Jesus’ name. Pray, asking God to lead you to repentance and to truly lead you to believing in His Son, Jesus Christ, by faith. Seek Jesus, learn of Him, submitting to the word of God by faith.

Know Jesus! Make Sure He Knows You!!!

PS. Attend a Bible teaching, Christ focused church. Good choirs and all kinds of activities are good, BUT ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE YOU AND KEEP YOU AND BLESS YOU! LEARN OF HIM… FOLLOW HIM!!

Proverbs 15:11 & 15:24S