T.R. Nicholson

Who is this guy? What do I say of him that I believe every reader of this page should know…

As mere points of information for the worldly-mindedness of many, check this out. He has held significant management positions with AT&T and General Electric in marketing; worked for the Federal Government in capacities where he traveled to many foreign countries working with leaders of government as well as at grass root level in support of our country’s policies and security. There’s many more details that could be said that I won’t give because in knowing him, he in no way considers any of these experiences to be representative of who he is, though each is in some way a contributing factor to who he has become. Suffice it to be said he once was a man of the world, who lived a life overflowing with challenge, adventure, intrigue, glamour, pain, danger, un-restfulness of soul, delusions of power, loneliness, false friendships, lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life.

But... in it all and through it all God was and is gracious and merciful to him.

Who is He Now?

He is a servant, friend and follower of Jesus Christ, sanctified and still being sanctified, holy and still being made holy, transformed and still being transformed. He is a willing slave of Jesus who recognizes his unworthiness to be so, yet highly grateful to be chosen to be so. He is passionately wanting to see women, men and children to be set free, delivered from the the lies and sins of the world which rob them of victorious and fruitful living and keeping them from experiencing the joy and hope that is found through believing and following Jesus Christ. Pastor Nicholson is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a soldier of the Cross, not seeking popularity nor notoriety, just wanting to be used by God and praying the Lord will do so, graciously and mercifully.
Written by someone who knows him well.