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Greater Faith is a Christian ministry for You (and Your Family and Your Friends!) And then again, it may not be!
Sound confusing? It is important to me that every man, woman & young person reading this have a clear understanding, so let me explain.
If You are looking to attend a church where the focus is the stuff of the world, where you are seeking networking opportunities to further your personal agenda....where there is a greater attention given to activities than to learning of Jesus Christ and being lead by the Holy Spirit... where the Pastor entertains you rather than teach and shepherd you in God’s word, THEN Greater Faith is NOT for You! And if You are that kind of person who till wants life to be your way and do not yet have even an inkling of awareness that You need Jesus, then you are certainly invited and welcomed to attend our Sunday morning and Thursday evening Bible Study services. Be forewarned, the loving truth of God’s word will unease you and offend you in your self-righteous, stubborn way. And in coming you may initially feel this ministry to be for you.
Greater Faith IS for the man, woman, young person, family, husband, wife, mother or father who wants to learn and know God’s Truth and God’s Way to living above trials and troubles of daily life. If you want to seek, learn of and have God’s salvation, then You need to come to Greater Faith. If you are tired of living “under the gun” and deeply desire to be liberated, and ready to rise above dark and dreary clouds to see the light of the Son, You need to be here! Jesus is present here, to forgive your sins, remove shame and guilt and regret, heal wounds of the soul, change your mind, to make you free, and to transform your life. Not by magic. But by hearing and doing of the Word through faith in Jesus Christ.
Sure, we have great choirs, youth activities, men & women ministries, family trips, and fun fellowship. And Love is here. We have all of this and more! But most importantly, we have a Christ Focused ministry through which you are drawn by God to Jesus Christ that you might have life, and all the blessing of what life in and through Christ brings. If this is what you are seeking, then You are a You that God wants to be here!
give me a call 215-221-9139
Jesus loves you; I do too!
Pastor Nicholson
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